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4 weeks

Built MVP in less than 4 weeks


Faster than any other alternate


Increased sprint velocity (as compared to their previous tech partner)


Helped them iterate and build the beta version in less than 2 months

Problem statement

Early-stage startups grapple with resource scarcity hindering development and scalability. CodeVyasa addresses this challenge through app development, web development, and DevOps, propelling startups like Cityfurnish, Cheq, and Freadom to success.

Team composition

App Development (Cityfurnish): React Native experts, UI/UX designers

Scalability Support (Cheq): Microservices architects, Kubernetes specialists

Web Development (Freadom): Angular developers, Node.js experts

Solution statement


In the dynamic realm of technology, the birth of an idea marks the inception of innovation. For visionary entrepreneurs spearheading early-stage companies, the road from concept to market dominance is fraught with challenges. At CodeVyasa, we understand the uphill climb that these ventures face, particularly in the absence of abundant resources.

Early-stage companies often grapple with a scarcity of resources, hindering their ability to develop and scale their projects/products effectively. CodeVyasa's intervention in the form of app development, web development, and DevOps services bridges this resource gap, empowering startups to bring their ideas to fruition without compromising on quality or scalability. By strategically aligning technology with business goals, CodeVyasa propels these ventures toward success, laying a robust foundation for future growth.

In this article, we delve into our journey with three remarkable companies – Cityfurnish, Cheq, and Freadom—showcasing how CodeVyasa's expertise in app development, web development, and DevOps has been instrumental in elevating these startups from nascent stages to their current estimated valuations.

Cityfurnish: Navigating the Landscape of Furniture Rental

Cityfurnish, a pioneer in the furniture rental domain, approached CodeVyasa during its nascent stages, laden with aspirations but limited by resources. Recognizing the potential of their disruptive concept, we harnessed our app development prowess to create an intuitive platform that streamlined the rental process. Employing cutting-edge technologies such as React Native for seamless cross-platform functionality, our team crafted a user-friendly app, catapulting Cityfurnish into the limelight.

Cheq: The Unfolding Tale of Unmatched Growth

Among our success stories, Cheq stands out as a testament to CodeVyasa's transformative capabilities. CodeVyasa played a pivotal role in scaling Cheq's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a full-fledged market product, underpinning its journey to securing an impressive $10M in funding. At the heart of this evolution was our strategic architecture support, ensuring scalability and robustness. Leveraging technologies such as microservices architecture and Kubernetes for container orchestration, CodeVyasa empowered Cheq to handle increasing user loads all the while maintaining optimal performance.

Freadom: Empowering Literacy with Technological Precision

Freadom, an ed-tech startup committed to fostering literacy, sought CodeVyasa's expertise in web development to materialize their vision. In the early stages, Freadom faced the challenge of creating an engaging and interactive learning platform. CodeVyasa's proficiency in web development, coupled with the integration of technologies like Angular for dynamic front-end experiences and Node.js for scalable back-end solutions, enabled Freadom to provide an immersive learning environment. The result? Freadom evolved into a beacon of educational innovation.


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the journey from ideation to market dominance requires not only vision but also strategic partnerships. CodeVyasa, through its unwavering commitment to excellence, has emerged as a key ally for early-stage tech ventures.

To those at the helm of early-stage companies, envisioning the ascent to industry prominence, CodeVyasa extends a hand of collaboration. Let us be the architects of your technological success, propelling your vision into the realm of reality. Elevate your venture with CodeVyasa – where innovation meets implementation.

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Their technical expertise and breadth of knowledge are of the highest caliber. It's crucial to have excellent communication and constant updates from the tech partner and CodeVyasa has always exceeded our expectations

Bipin Toro
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Zaire Ekstrom
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Their technical expertise and breadth of knowledge are of the highest caliber. It's crucial to have excellent communication and constant updates from the tech partner and CodeVyasa has always exceeded our expectations

Bipin Toro
People Operations

The dedication and support we have received from CodeVyasa have made us very satisfied. Their ability to comprehend requirements and provide appropriate solutions is exceptional. Code Vyasa is a great company to work with because of its excellent technical expertise, dependability, and efficiency.

Vinit Jain
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