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Database Administrators (DBA) service involves managing and optimizing databases to ensure their reliability, security, and performance. DBAs handle tasks such as data backup, recovery, tuning, and security management to maintain the integrity and availability of organizational data

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Our approach

At CodeVyasa, we customize our DBA services to suit your unique data environment and operational requirements. Leveraging our expertise in database management, we ensure seamless performance, security, and availability of your databases, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Our Solution

Database Performance Tuning

We can help you to tune your databases for performance. This includes tasks such as identifying and eliminating performance bottlenecks, optimizing queries, and configuring database parameters.

Database Security

We can help you to secure your databases from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. This includes tasks such as implementing database security best practices, configuring database permissions, and auditing database activity.

Database Backup and Recovery

We can help you to implement database backup and recovery procedures. This ensures that you can recover your data in the event of a data loss event.

Database Disaster Recovery

We can help you to develop and implement a disaster recovery plan for your databases. This ensures that your databases will be available even in the event of a major disaster.

Database Monitoring and Support

We can provide ongoing monitoring and support for your databases. This includes tasks such as monitoring database performance, identifying and resolving database issues, and providing assistance to users.

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