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CodeVyasa excels in embedded design and system testing, ensuring the seamless integration of hardware and software components. Our services guarantee reliable performance, robust functionality, and compliance with industry standards.

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At CodeVyasa, we craft embedded design and system testing solutions tailored to your hardware and software needs. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we ensure your systems deliver optimal performance, functionality, and adherence to industry standards.

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Requirement Ananlysis

CodeVyasa gathers and analyzes the requirements for an IoT-embedded system. This includes understanding the business goals of the system, the technical constraints, and the needs of the users.

System Architecture Design

The process of designing the overall architecture of the IoT-embedded system. This includes identifying the components of the system, how they will interact with each other, and how they will communicate with the cloud.

Hardware Design

The process of designing the hardware components of the IoT-embedded system. This includes selecting the right components, designing the circuit board, and creating the layout of the system.

Software Development

The process of developing the software firmware for the IoT-embedded system. This includes developing the drivers, the application logic, and the communication protocols.

Iot System Testing

The process of testing the IoT-embedded system to ensure that it meets the requirements and that it is free of bugs. This includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and field testing.


The process of deploying the IoT-embedded system in the field. This includes installing the system, configuring it, and training the users.

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