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CodeVyasa specializes in hardware design and testing, ensuring the development of reliable and high-performance systems. Our services cover the entire hardware lifecycle, from conceptualization to rigorous testing, ensuring excellence in every aspect.

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At CodeVyasa, we customize hardware design and testing solutions to match your specific requirements. Leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices, we ensure the creation of robust, reliable, and innovative hardware systems tailored to your business needs.

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Iot Requirement Analysis

The process of gathering and analyzing the requirements for an IoT hardware device. This includes understanding the business goals of the device, the technical constraints, and the needs of the users.

Iot Hardware Design

The process of designing the hardware components of the IoT hardware device. This includes selecting the right components, designing the circuit board, and creating the layout of the device.

PCB Design

Designing the printed circuit board for the IoT hardware device. This includes placing the components on the board, routing the traces, and designing the power supply.

Componenet Selection

Selecting the right components for the IoT hardware device based on the requirements and budget. This includes selecting the microcontroller, sensors, actuators, and communication modules.


Creating prototypes of the IoT hardware device to test and validate the design. This can be done using 3D printing, CNC machining, or other prototyping methods.

Cloud Integration

Integrating the IoT hardware device with the cloud. This involves developing APIs and protocols that allow the device to communicate with the cloud and to send and receive data.

Iot Testing

The process of testing the IoT hardware device to ensure that it meets the requirements and that it is free of defects. This includes testing the functionality of the device, the performance of the device, and the reliability of the device.

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